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Planning of Residents' Care

Upon taking up residency at the home, all residents will have a detailed person-centred care plan made up for them to assess, identify and outline both the nature and level of support that they require whilst living at The Grange.
Care-plans are reviewed on a six-monthly basis, but may also be updated and amended at any time whenever the circumstances or needs of a resident change.
All residents are welcome to access their care-plan at any time, and may keep a personal copy for themselves upon request.
The home encourages residents to have input into how their care is formulated, and the home seeks to promote an environment in which residents feel comfortable approaching staff members and the home’s management to do so.
Residents’ meetings are held on a monthly basis for all residents to voice any concerns or forward any comments or suggestions that they may have.
Health and Medical Services

Our staff team are committed to ensuring the good health of our residents as a priority, and residents are fully supported with accessing relevant health and medical services and professionals whenever needed.

Fully-trained staff members are on hand daily to assist with administration of prescribed medication and assistance with basic health needs such as weight-monitoring, assistance with hearing and/or vision aids, ensuring safe mobility including assistance with mobility-aids, and ensuring high standards of personal care and hygiene.
The home endeavours to work closely alongside residents’ G.P.’s, community nurses and other relevant health professionals to best support residents’ health needs.
Staff members also fully support residents to follow the advice and input of other relevant health professionals such as physiotherapists, dieticians, speech and language therapists, and will assist residents with following personalised programmes of care in relation to exercise, diet or any other health guideline that forms part of a resident’s care-plan.
Social Activities
The home provides a number of opportunities for social and recreational activities for all residents including once-weekly professional musical entertainment shows, ‘Music and Movement’ sessions, exercise classes and arts and crafts activities.
There are also a number of other activities that take place through the week including Bingo, board games, quizzes, music, singing sessions, and ‘trip-down-memory-lane’ reminiscing sessions.
For any resident who wishes to attend religious services, the home offers support to enable this, and in-house visits can be arranged through the local religious communities.
Staff members are also on hand to support residents to access the local community for walks, cafe and pub visits, shopping and social outings.
Residents may request a particular preferred recreational activity at any time and, wherever possible, the home will endeavour to facilitate this.
Social one
Social two
Holistic Approach
The Grange Rest Home and the home’s manager, Sandra Stinton, have extensive and wide-ranging experience caring for elderly and vulnerable service users, spanning a number of years.

We are genuinely committed to providing the highest quality of care we possibly can and seek to offer a personalised experience for residents where professionalism is balanced with a human, caring touch.

Central to our ethos, is a holistic approach to care, where we look to develop a care package based on the many varied and unique needs of an individual, whilst involving the input of, wherever appropriate, relatives, friends and external health professionals.

Holistic approach
Person Centred Care
Residents are recognised as individuals, each with their own unique set of preferences and choices, and our care package seeks to reflect this at every opportunity.
Residents are recognised as individuals, each with their own unique set of preferences and choices, and our care package seeks to reflect this at every opportunity.
We endeavour to base our care planning on a personal, individual basis, rather than in an overly standardized or ‘uniform’ manner, and the home will tailor care plans around each individual to reflect each resident’s own unique set of needs.
Person Centred Care
The home recognizes the essential importance of providing care with dignity at all times.
This is reflected in our approach to staff training and formulating care-packages, where we emphasize individuals’ personal preferences and likes and dislikes, as well as any religious, cultural and social preferences, to ensure care is delivered within the context of ensuring an individual’s dignity.

Where personal care assistance is required, residents are assisted sensitively - in privacy, away from other residents and visitors and in a way which minimises the resident’s exposure and vulnerability.
Care with dignity
The home endeavours, at every opportunity, to offer residents fulfilment in as many aspects of their lives as possible.
Residents’ well-being and happiness is our first priority, and our care undertakes to reflect this.
We look to identify residents’ hopes, wishes, goals and aspirations, and wherever we can we will try our utmost to help residents attain fulfilment in as many of these areas as we can.
More fulfilment
Residents are given as many choices in regards to their care as possible. Consultation will be made with residents at every opportunity, and we will always seek to involve residents in the management and running of the home.
Residents are encouraged to voice their opinions, and the home holds monthly residents’ meetings to provide an opportunity for feedback, comments, concerns, and complaints.
Care is taken to respect the wishes, preferences and beliefs of all residents whether they are religious, cultural, or personal in nature, and the home seeks to provide residents with services that respect their beliefs and rights.
All residents are provided with support and care in their preferred manner, in a way that offers them respect and dignity.
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