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The Grange Rest Home
Quality care home provider in Hove, East Sussex
The Grange Rest Home
The Grange Rest Home is a residential care home for the elderly situated in Hove, East Sussex. We provide long-term accommodation and care for up to 26 residents, as well as occasionally providing short-term respite care.
The home is a three-storey Victorian house with a two storey extension. It is on level ground, a short distance to the seafront and close to amenities including cafes, shops and bus stops on the local bus routes into nearby Brighton and Portslade.
The registered provider is Mr J. Lytle who has owned the home since 1989. The registered manager is Mrs Sandra Stinton who has extensive experience in the caring profession.
CQC Review
Why Choose The Grange Rest Home
We aim to provide homely, warm and friendly surroundings within the home, whilst promoting care and support based on respect, dignity, kindness, compassion and empowerment for all of our residents.
Providing a person-centred approach to care is central to our ethos, and our aspiration is that all residents are offered daily support as individuals, whose care is provided based upon their own unique set of needs.
Wherever possible we seek to give our residents as much choice and control over their care whilst at the home and promote, at every opportunity, service users’ input into how their care is provided.

Our accommodation comprises twenty-six bedrooms of varying sizes and styles, across three floors, twelve of which are en suite. All other bedrooms have bathrooms and toilet facilities within close distance.
All rooms are furnished, but residents are welcomed and encouraged to personalise their bedrooms with their own furniture (subject to fire-safety regulations), pictures, decorations, and belongings.
Planning of Residents' Care
Upon taking up residency at the home, all residents will have a detailed person-centred care plan made up for them to assess, identify and outline both the nature and level of support that they require whilst living at The Grange.
Care-plans are reviewed on a six-monthly basis, but may also be updated and amended at any time whenever the circumstances or needs of a resident change.
All residents are welcome to access their care-plan at any time, and may keep a personal copy for themselves upon request.
The home encourages residents to have input into how their care is formulated, and the home seeks to promote an environment in which residents feel comfortable approaching staff members and the home’s management to do so.
Residents’ meetings are held on a monthly basis for all residents to voice any concerns or forward any comments or suggestions that they may have.
Holistic Approach
Holistic approach
Central to our ethos, is a holistic approach to care, where we look to develop....
Person Centred Care
Centred Care
Residents are recognised as individuals, each with their own unique set of preferences....
Care with Dignity
The home recognizes the essential importance of providing care with dignity....
The home endeavours, at every opportunity, to offer residents fulfilment....
Residents are given as many choices in regards to their care as possible....
Care is taken to respect the wishes, preferences and beliefs of all residents....
Residents' Privacy
Residents are afforded privacy to live their lives with the least interference possible. Where assistance and services are required, staff introduce themselves and knock on the resident’s door whenever entering their room and or bathrooms and toilets.
All residents’ rooms have locks that can be locked from the inside and authorised staff will only ever override this lock with express permission from the resident and/or in an emergency.
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